About Konokai

Wakayagi-Ryu Konokai is the only dance institute specializing in Nihon-Buyo of Wakayagi-Ryu in Hong Kong. The style of Wakayagi-Ryu is delicate, elegant and dynamic, reflecting a mix of Edo Era in Japan. Wakayagi-Ryu has been operating for over one-hundred years. Konokai was founded by Chika Wakayagi in Hong Kong in 1999. Aiming to promote the beauty of Japanese culture through Nihon-Buyo in Hong Kong, Konokai serves as a platform for cultural exchange.

Starting from 2007, Konokai had its first annual performance in Hong Kong which was a pioneer in introducing Japanese traditional art in a form of dance to general public in Hong Kong.

Founder Chika Wakayagi Born in Kochi, Japan, Chika Wakayagi started practicing Nihon-Buyo at her age of six. She received Natori Certificate of Wakayagi-Ryu in and then the Shihan Certificate of Wakayagi-Ryu in 1991. She is a member of Japan Traditional Dance Association Inc. and has performed in the National Theatre in Tokyo and Osaka. She is the guest lecturer of Nihon-Buyo in universities in Hong Kong and Macau. She is always passionate in promoting Nihon-Buyo that she sees as a way to enhance cultural exchange through artistic means between Japan and other parts of Asia. See her profile here.