Nihon-Buyo is full of elements that lead to a rich and deep mind, such as peaceful Japanese music, the stylish world of Edo literature, and elegant movements / manners. Would you like to experience traditional Japanese performing arts in Hong Kong? Please join us.

Now accepting applications for enrollment!
Class A Thu 19:00-20:00
Apr 18, 25, May 2, 9 and 16
Class B Sat 14:00-15:00
Apr 20, 27, May 4, 11 and 18



♦♦ Tuition fee: HK$1500 <5 lessons>

♦♦ Please prepare: yukata, tabi socks
If you don’t have these, a set can be rented to you ($250)

♦♦ Place:
湾仔 New Studio
Address : 4th Floor, Anton Building, No1, Anton Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
香港灣仔晏頓街 1 號安定大廈 4 樓連平台

♦♦ Enrollment: Starting from 3 students

♦♦ Contact:

Send us a message for a class sign-up / enquiry

It’s also possible to open up a new class or zoom lessons on your request. Please ask us.


Q: I’m a complete beginner, is that okay?
A: Most of them are beginners in Nihon-buyo. We will learn the basics through short dance. At the beginning, it’s difficult to coordinate between music and movements but the body and muscles will remember all steps naturally by the time you complete the dance. Please come and experience it.

Q: What do you need for lessons?

You will need:
1 pc of Yukata (summer Kimono), those one made of cotton.
1 pc of Obi (belt for Yukata)
1 pair of Tabi (Japanese style dance socks)
1 pc of fan
If you don’t have any of the above, you can rent from us.

Q: I can’t wear a kimono myself.
A: We will teach you how to wear Yukata (summer Kimono) in the beginning, then, you will be able to wear it yourself.

Q: How many times a month do you practice? How long is one lesson time?
A: Four times a month. Group lessons are 60 minutes, and individual lessons are 45-60 minutes. You can choose by yourself.

Q: How much is the monthly fee?
A: It depends on group training and individual training. Please inquire.

Q: I’m worried if I’m busy with work and can attend weekly lessons.
A: In the case of group training, it is possible to transfer to another class. For personal training, you can adjust it at your own convenience. Please contact us.


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