Apr 16, 2018

New Year Special Japanese Traditional Dance Performance ~ The Beauty of Japanese Tradition ~

若柳流香之會 新春特別日本舞踊公演 日本傳統之美

「新春特別日本舞踊公演~日本伝統の美~」的難忘時刻Precious moments of the “New Year Special Japanese Traditional Dance Performance ~ The Beauty of Japanese Tradition ~”

Публикувахте от 日本舞踊 若柳流 香之會 Wakayagi Ryu Konokai в Неделя, 15 април 2018 г.

I finally made it.
Please watch it until the end.
Memories of Hong Kong’s lifetime, important anniversary. Everyone in Hong Kong who supported us and everyone who cooperated from Japan, Natori who served their first stage, the Project Team konokai who did everything for me, thank you so much. I keep thankfulness in my heart and I am willing to work, I want to challenge again in 4 years!
I would like to ask for your continued support in the future. Thanks to all the connections in Hong Kong 💞💞💞


Mar 31, 2018

Japanese Traditional Dance Teacher in HK

居港日本舞踊老師 – 若柳智香 / 日本在香港

【#LikeJapan旅遊 x】居港日本舞踊老師 – 若柳智香 / 日本在香港若柳智香是香港唯一一位日本舞踊老師,居港28年,成立了「香之會」,至今己學授超過50位學生,今年更有7位學生成為「名取」(指經考試後,取得一定資格的舞者)。現在若柳智香想提升學生的能力,希望學生能跳出真正日本傳統之美。訪問詳情 #Likejapan_Owen==========【胃食島根】和牛大餐+紅酒試飲放題 島根葡萄酒莊遊玩!【LikeJapan 全新本地日式餐廳優惠】

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Like Japan introduced Japanese dance to Hong Kong people. I would like to thank you for having a wonderful opportunity.
In the midst of a busy performance, thank you so much, Kobayashi Costume store, Mr. Kashiwara Masao, Katsura Kou, and Wakayanagi Juen, who cooperated with us for shooting, Thank you very much.


Dec 27, 2017

TVB made an interview

TVB made an interview with Chika Sensei last week. Cedric Chan and Jennifer Tin, famous sports dance representatives of Hong Kong (East Asian Games Silver Medalists), are also inivited to experience Japanese traditional dance at Konokai. What an interesting crossover!! Thanks Carlos Fung of TVB for the arrangement.
The broadcast date of the interview is fixed:
Jan 5 18:00 TVB Sports Channel “Sportour” (full version)
Feb 10 12:00 TVB Jade “Sports World” (short version)
Don’t miss this special interview!!


Jan 20, 2017


Concierge “Konoyubi tomare!” (2017 Jan/Feb) had an article about our class. Mr. Dominic at Concierge and Ms. Wakai, thank you for the interview and the article. We will have fun, severely we will try harder to practice with more effort this year too. We appreciate your guidance and encouragement to everyone. If you are interested in Japanese traditional performing arts, kimono, please feel free to visit us ❦❦


Oct 18, 2o18

An article on SCMP

Hongkongers urged to visit the neighbouring nation’s less-travelled regions during ceremony marking the opening of the Autumn Festival


Feb 9, 2016

8th Wakayagi Ryu Konokai Japanese Dance Performance” in 2015

第八回若柳流日本舞踊公演 香の会

恭賀新禧!在過去一年,感謝大家對香之會的支持。現送上2015年「第八屆若柳流日本舞踊公演香之會」的照片,期望今年的演出會更加精彩,也請大家繼續支持香之會!Happy Chinese new year!!Thank all of you for your support in the past year. To welcome the new year, let us share with you our wonderful moments of the "8th Wakayagi Ryu Konokai Japanese Dance Performance" in 2015. May this year bring new happiness and success to you and Konokai!! Please continue to support us!!

Публикувахте от 日本舞踊 若柳流 香之會 Wakayagi Ryu Konokai в Събота, 6 февруари 2016 г.