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The Beauty of Japanese Tradition Feb 27, 2018

On March 3, 2018, a Girls Day.  The day of our first stage with costumes and wigs prepared in Hong Kong, which was our wishful desire.
I sincerely express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who agreed with the significance of this performance and supported us.
Also, to those who have offered a place of presentation of Japanese dance so far, everyone who watched me growing warmly for a long time, I am deeply grateful for the support of this performance, thank you for your support which are generous gifts for us.
Together with Natori of the seventh who will be the first stage this time, we will show you the fullest stage. Also from Japan, we will deliver a spectacular “Japanese traditional beauty” with an appearance of the fourth generation Mr. Wakayanagi Juen, Ms. Yukiko Wakayagi, Mr Enyu Wakayagi with instruments by Mr. Mochizuki Tamenari.
There is still seats available. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.
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日本伝統の美 日本伝統の美 日本伝統の美


New Year Special Japanese Traditional Dance Performance ~ The Beauty of Japanese Tradition ~ Mar 9, 2018

On March 3, “New Year Special Japanese Dance Performance – The Beauty of Japanese Tradition -” closed the curtains with great success thanks to everyone. I am deeply grateful for this as the gifts from everyone’s devotion.
This show, which was planned to commemorate the 10 times of Konokai performances, reproduced the Japanese stage as much as possible and held the true Japanese dance world in Hong Kong. Approximately 800 visitors attended the event on the day, thank you very much for seeing it until late at night. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the supporters, sponsors, and everyone in the various areas who have supported. I hope that more and more Hong Kong people will love Japanese dancing more and more, I won’t forget the feelings and will walk forward with my disciple together.
We look forward to your continued incense meeting in the future. I will gladly upload how we came this way to that day later. Please keep your eye on us. ❤️

Konokai-Special Japanese Traditional Dance Performance Konokai-Special Japanese Traditional Dance Performance Konokai-Special Japanese Traditional Dance Performance


Video: Japanese Traditional Dance Teacher in HK Mar 31, 2018

居港日本舞踊老師 – 若柳智香 / 日本在香港

【#LikeJapan旅遊 x】居港日本舞踊老師 – 若柳智香 / 日本在香港若柳智香是香港唯一一位日本舞踊老師,居港28年,成立了「香之會」,至今己學授超過50位學生,今年更有7位學生成為「名取」(指經考試後,取得一定資格的舞者)。現在若柳智香想提升學生的能力,希望學生能跳出真正日本傳統之美。訪問詳情 #Likejapan_Owen==========【胃食島根】和牛大餐+紅酒試飲放題 島根葡萄酒莊遊玩!【LikeJapan 全新本地日式餐廳優惠】

Публикувахте от 喜愛日本 Like Japan в Четвъртък, 29 март 2018 г.

Like Japan introduced Japanese dance to Hong Kong people. I would like to thank you for having a wonderful opportunity.
In the midst of a busy performance, thank you so much, Kobayashi Costume store, Mr. Kashiwara Masao, Katsura Kou, and Wakayanagi Juen, who cooperated with us for shooting, Thank you very much.


<Sunlight REITxJTB> Jun 17, 2018

I appeared in the summer dance festival. Two newcomers who made a performance debut this time were able to finish dancing without incident, thank you for the support of my seniors. It seems that both children and papa mama enjoyed Japanese culture beyond nationality.
Shin Japanese Learning Center, Mr Eric and the principal Stephanie  <>, thank you very much for all the people concerned 💕💕

Sunlight REITxJTB Sunlight REITxJTB Sunlight REITxJTB Sunlight REITxJTB Sunlight REITxJTB Sunlight REITxJTB




Book Fair <Sakura Ondo> Jul 25, 2018

Book Fair on July 22 was a very busy day. Two events on a day made the disciples so busy but they made a lot of efforts.  I got a request from JNTO’s <Japan · Tohoku Yurutabi> booth for the Tohoku dance. Yamagata prefecture <Hanagasa Ongaku> and Akita Prefecture “Sakura Ondo” incorporating the image of Akita Ondo of. A lot of poeple gathered around the small stage before the booth, and it was uncomfortable to dance with such a short distance from them, but the role this time was <Miss Hanasaka> without permission. I decided to prepare and introduced Japanese dance to all of Hong Kong people. It was a bit elder team Miss Hanagasa who greeted.

Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair



Book Fair Jul 25, 2018

This year we invited you to Big Event, Book Fair in Hong Kong again on July 22. 📚 Every year they prepare a wonderful stage set and we look forward to it. Last year I was disappointed at the cancel with a typhoon but I am honored to dance every year.
Especially this year we had a lot of visitors. I am pleased that more and more people will be interested. Mr. Maruko of <Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau> and other staff, thank you for the opportunity this year again. In this way, people who can not meet usually can get to know a wide range of Japanese dance, and disciples can also have experience of the stage. I appreciate your very valuable opportunity.
I look forward to seeing you again next year again at the venue, I will continue to devote everyday 🍀🍀
Thank you to everyone who watched until the end. In the middle of the heat, please take care of yourself please.💕

Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair Book Fair

Japanese dance academy talk Aug 20, 2018

We held the Japanese dance academy talk at PMQ on Aug 18th (Sat). Approximately 50 people came to our room and it was packed. I am pleased to be able to let them know even a little Japanese dance with my talk (not the best) and my workshop. I would like to thank everyone who came to the end.
I’m not very good at speaking in public. However, if you can tell by words, you can make fantastic traditional arts more fun. I decided to improve things that I was not able to tell this time, I will review again.
Ms. Junko Gennami who has given me a wonderful opportunity, sponsored: PMQ, Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong, I would like to express my sincere gratitude.
I hope to see you again.

Foreign Minister’s Commendation Sep 12, 2018

Dear everyone who always support me 🍃🍃
I am pleased to report.

I received “Foreign Minister’s awards for Heisei 30th” at the Japanese club on September 12th. From Ambassador Mr. Kunihisa Matsuda, Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong, I am pleased to have a wonderful word. The reason we were able to walk so far is nothing else but we have a lot of wonderful friends. I deeply appreciate your warm heartedness.
We will make this honor to encourage myself and I will continue to fulfill my mission entirely and completely.

The New Spring Special Performance which you evaluated this time was the stage of culmination of tears and emotions that I made together with my pupils. I would be happy if you could peek at it. 0c
We will continue to make further efforts aiming for the next event.

I wish for your continuing support for us.

香之會是若柳智香老師1999年在香港成立的唯一傳統日本舞踊團體,目前有五十余會員(當中三分之二為香港學生)。若柳智香積極推動日本舞教育及普及,每年舉辦年度表演會,參與各大專院校的推廣活動,並在2014& 2018年度邀請若柳流四世家元若柳壽延大師來港公演。日本舞若柳流香之會2016年首次有7位成員(4位香港會員)獲得若柳流名取專業頭銜,2018年3月於香港舉行公演將日本舞踊的真正舞台藝術包括衣裝、頭飾、化妝等展現予香港觀眾。此獎項表彰若柳智香老師在日中文化交流中作出卓越貢獻。 恭喜若柳智香老師!


北海道x九號水產秋祭2018 Sep 25, 2018
日本舞踊若柳流香之會會員於9月23日有幸獲得Ms May Choi 邀請在北海道x九號水產秋祭2018 進行兩場傳統日本舞踊表演。是日為觀眾送上許多不同特色的舞曲,同時三位小朋友也表演兩首舞曲。感謝大家的支持!


PMQ En Nichi Oct 1, 2018

Children’s dance also appeared on this PMQ festival day. The backstage is a big chaos. A child full of happy smiles, a child full of tension, a child crying out with regret not being able to participate in lessons, but by the time, they overcame their feelings, so they made such a wonderful presentation. Each child felt a lot of things through the stage, I think that they learned and experienced. Go for it, kids!
Ms. Wakayagi Kochiharu, thank you for helping kids being dressed. Thank you for your hard work!

一年一度的PMQ盛事:緣日沖繩又到:日本舞踊若柳流香之會一連兩日9月28-29日於PMQ 緣日沖繩表演圓滿結束。感謝大家的支持!辛苦會員的努力及合作~ 來年緣日再會。


Japan Autumn Culture Fest Oct 2, 2018

Three consecutive holidays in Hong Kong which made me busy everyday. The last day of all, October 1, National Day, I was in <Japan Autumn League Festival>. We introduced <Yosakoi Festival> and <Yosakoi Naruko Dance> which were born in Kochi prefecture. Starting with <YOSAKOI Soran>, we are not only stopping within Japan but now it’s spreading to all over the world and is familiar. 🌿 Yosakoi dance, music and costumes are constantly changing with the times. This time, we danced the original <Seicho Yosakoi Naruko Odori> which the Kochi Nichimai group school had choreographed in 1954 .  I am delighted to be able to help people in Hong Kong to enjoy traditional folk songs and bon odori in Japan as well as Nihonbuyo casually. Thank you very much for everyone involved.
🌿🌿 I was getting tired with a long waiting time, but Kumamon blew it away the tiredness.
Through events it was nice to get to know other Japanese folk songs.


The fourth grand master, Juen Wakayagi held the 30th memorial stage of the third grand master, the late Judo Wakayagi Oct 30, 2018

🌿🌾 On October 27 and 28, at the Osaka National Bunraku Theater, The fourth grand master, Juen Wakayagi held the 30th memorial stage of the third grand master, the late Judo Wakayagi was held. The accumulation of thirty years’ history of the family who passed down tradition. By seeing the story of the commentator Mr. Seiji Kasai and Ms. Yukiko ‘s various thoughts and the feeling for this performance filled me full of mind.
When the family was visiting Kochi Pref., I was so small. Now I am living in Hong Kong 28 years. My thoughts of the way I came, my teacher and my parents overlapped, and tears overflowed while watching the stage. For me this year for a special year, I appreciate all the timing and I decided to live one day each thoughtfully.
I learned a lot by seeing the stage of special apprearance of Ms. Umeya Nakamura, Mr. Kichizo Wakayagi, Mr. Motoi Hanayagi, and seeing Mr. Enyu Wakayagi, Ms. Mikaya, senior teachers. I felt again, my soul is not contained in my dance. It is not strong enough. It is frustrating, but still immature. In order to bring it closer to the teacher’s art even a little, I will start again in Hong Kong from a scratch!
☘🌾 Here is a happy thing. 💕 The teacher in Tokyo called out that it’s hard to keep on dancing abroad, do your best. 💕 On that day, 20 other disciples from Hong Kong flew in.
Friends, teachers and presidents who I met in Hong Kong came all the way from Kanto, Kansai, Kinki, Kyushu and afar.
We received warm cheers for everyone at 💕 FB. 🌿🌾 I am truly happy. Many celebrations, thank you for your support. I sincerely express my gratitude to all of you. Next performance is in February, we will proceed towards new goals 😉


The fourth grand master, Juen Wakayagi held the 30th memorial stage of the third grand master, the late Judo Wakayagi The fourth grand master, Juen Wakayagi held the 30th memorial stage of the third grand master, the late Judo Wakayagi The fourth grand master, Juen Wakayagi held the 30th memorial stage of the third grand master, the late Judo Wakayagi



Japanese traditional culture (Wadaiko + Shamisen + Japanese dance) workshop Nov 15, 2018

At Sha Tin Methodist College (Shata Todo Municipal Junior High School) we had a Japanese traditional culture (Wadaiko + Shamisen + Japanese dance) workshop sponsored by Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong.
Although all the participants experience Nihonbuyo (Japanese dance) for the first time, I regret that I could not speak concisely and well. But Ms. Tokiya did such an excellent interpreter cheering up. Thanks for your participation. A lot of students participated in the Naikai experience, the time flew past in a blink of an eye. I would like to express my gratitude to the principal’s teachers, consular officials and stakeholders who offered a place to experience Nihonbuyo.
I hope to see you somewhere someday.