Activities 2016

Notice: 2016 Shenzhen New Year party Feb 8, 2016

A joint new year party will be held in Shenzhen with the theme “Revitalization and mutual exchange of each community” by the Hong Kong Business Club planning.


Video: “8th Wakayagi Ryu Konokai Japanese Dance Performance” in 2015      Feb 9, 2016

Japan 311 5th anniversary topic activity Mar 9, 2016

The date of “The Japan 511 anniversary topic activity” at Hong Kong Public University is nearing. Following the seminars of Part 1 and Part 2, we will show “Japanese Culture Experience” lecture and Nihonbuyo at the third part. Anyone can join, so I would be happy if you could come.

✤ participation fee; free of charge
✤ Date and time: 2016.03.12 13: 30-17: 30
✤ Venue: 香港公開大学 銀禧學院



Charity event for support of victims of the Kumamoto earthquake Apr 21, 2016

We will hold a charity event to support the victims of the Kumamoto earthquake with volunteers from dancers and musicians living in Hong Kong.

We look forward to your participation by those who support you. Let’s all support Kumamoto, Oita, Kyushu ❦❦

support of victims of the Kumamoto earthquake


Charity event supporting Kumamoto earthquake victims Apr 26, 2016

On April 24 (Sunday), I participated in a charity event supporting the victims of the Kumamoto earthquake by volunteer musicians, dancers living in Hong Kong. The efforts of the organizers who held such a wonderful event in a short time, the hot feelings of everyone who cheered us became a big energy, it was an impressive day when our thoughts became one. Many people from Kumamoto and Kyushu also came to the venue, and everyone was feeling the same as my hometown, and my heart ached. There were 130 participants and a donation of HK $ 39420 gathered on this day. Thank you for your warm support. Dr. Lumi sensei, Shinobu who was an organizer who spoke to the event, thank you everyone.

supporting Kumamoto supporting Kumamoto supporting Kumamoto

supporting Kumamoto

7 passed the Natori examination Jul 15, 2016

<Report> Thank you for your continuing support. 7 disciples of mine passed the Natori examination successfully on July 3rd. I report it here that Hong Kong’s first Wakayanagi Natoris were born from the “Konokai” here. It was also my first time as a Natori cellector, and I had a very valuable study with my disciple. Congratulations!



Notice: Yukata Party 2016 Jul 22. 2016

We will have a Yukata party this year too ♪ Wear a yukata and why don’t you join us for a little luxurious time? There are plenty of wonderful things in the party this year, such as Japanese dance and calligraphy performances, DJ, Yukata show, lucky draw. I would like to welcome everyone.
Date and time: Sunday, August 28, 2016 12: 00-15: 00 (11:30 reception start)


2016 Konokai Yukata Party Sep 4, 2016

On August 28 (Sun), we held  “2016 Konokai Yukata party” at New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel, Grand Ballroom. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the participants who participated in the event, as well as to the various people who cooperated.
Let’s wear Yukata in HK as well! This summer party started again with such a feeling that we would like to you enjoy Japanese dance and Japanese traditional culture that many of you usually don’t have a chance much in everyday life. This year is the sixth time to have this party, and nearly 200 participants attended. We were able to se many nationalities in the guests and we were able to have a good time while being familiar with Japanese culture.

On the stage, we had the performances by 6 Natori members, a dynamic touching calligraphy performance by the calligrapher Kono Sensei who is from the atelier Ko from Fukuoka, the Kids’ Yukata Ballet conducted by Ms Kayo Ukaeri  (Ballet Blanc), the performance from the Japanese drum group, the Karaka performance, from Ballet Blanc, a mimicing performance, a yukata show and a lucky draw we progressed. Our MC was SOKO who is active in Hong Kong. The DJ, Yagura Fukuoka came from Saga with wonderful music. Guests are all filled with gratitude thank you for having a party with friendship appearances.
Also, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Setsuko Wakai (Representative of B & W Far East Publicity Ltd) who came to the party to give a greeting when busy and Mr. Masaaki Ogino (Chairman of the Hong Kong Wakyo Association, Chairman of the Wakyosokai),  other sponsors. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported and cooperated.
Summer in Hong Kong is still going on, but from now on we will switch to the art fall as well! Strict training will begin for the performance that will be happening on November 6 at last. I would appreciate your continuing support.
Thank you very much.

The 9th Wakayagi Ryu Konokai Japanese Dance Performance Oct 10, 2016

We cordially invite you to the 9th Wakayagi Ryu Konokai Japanese Dance Performance, which will be held at Chiang Chen Studio Theatre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 6th November 2016 (Sunday). About 30 Japanese and Hong Kong students will present their wonderful performances of Japanese traditional dance. With their colourful kimonos, pleasant music and elegant body movements, the audience will be brought into the beautiful world of traditional Japan. Please come and enjoy our show!!

Please see our poster for details. For enquiry or ticketing, please feel free to call us at 6760-8477 or visit our website at


Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong / PMQ Ennichi (EN × NICHI) Oct 19, 2016

Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong / PMQ Ennichi (EN × NICHI)” held from 14th to 16th October. This year we also participated in the Konokai dance performance and for the Bon Odori guidance. The Japanese dance which dances outdoors in the evening is different from the usual stage and the atmosphere is also different. For Bon Odori, we taught “Ennichi Girls” Kochi’s “Seicho Yosakoi Naruko Dance” this year too. It was pretty cute and warm touching. Also at the event opening ceremony of the festival, Carrie Lam Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Governor Secretary and Abe Akie Prime Minister ‘s wife made an appearance, and on the way leaving, Mrs. Abe and Ambassador Mr. and Mrs. Matsuda gave us very nice words about the performance that we had the other day, I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you very much. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Endo, the organizer and all the stakeholders who have been powering up more and more for the “Japanese festival” in Hong Kong.

PMQ Ennichi (EN × NICHI) PMQ Ennichi (EN × NICHI) PMQ Ennichi (EN × NICHI) PMQ Ennichi (EN × NICHI)



Wakayagi Ryu Konokai Japanese dance performance Nov 27, 2016

“The 9th Wakayagi Ryu Dance Performance Konokai” certified by “Japan Autumn Fest in HK” sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong was able to finish safely at Chiang Chen Studio Theatre at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Sunday, November 6. Again thank you and heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support for Konokai. The students also demonstrated their abilities and it became a memorable day. In addition, this year it will be a memorable stage for seven people who was allowed to take Natori from the fourth generation family Wakayagi Juen, and I think that they will devote even more to this. Next year we will have the 10th anniversary for Konokai. I will continue to practice again for my new goal. Please continue your guidance and encouragement in the future for us. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved, who cooperated in various fields, to everyone who gave us the opportunity.

We will continue to upload photos as they are finished so we would be pleased if you could see how it went.



Emperor’s Birthday Celebration Reception Dec 8, 2016

On December 6th, we were invited to the emperor ‘s birthday celebration reception (at the Island Shangri – La Hotel) hosted by the Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong this year. A lot of events overlapped this year, it was a very honored year for me to be able to meet Ambassador Matsuda and his wife several times. In addition, I was indebted to Ms. Setsuko Wakai, the president of B & W Far East Publicity, and I was able to meet with Mr. Iwami, Director of Hong Kong judo-kan, from time to time. This year I went out with a kimono with a plum pattern that my mother valued. Every year, being able to choose the kimono to wear is also one of the pleasure. Unfortunately I could not see some people who were looking forward to being able to speak at this place once a year. I wish I could see them again next year. I wish to express my gratitude for many encounters and wonderful fellows this year. And congratulate to celebrate the birthday of the Emperor.


End-of-Year Tea Ceremony Dec 12, 2016

On 11th,  “Year-end tea ceremony End-of-Year Tea Ceremony”  was held at the City University’s tea ceremony room “Tomokaan” by Sado Urasenke Murota.
Thanks to Professor Sowa Murota for her kindness, she invited five students from Konokai, and this year we also experienced a Japanese traditional culture study meeting and a tea ceremony. Among the swings of Japanese dance, there are also many dances incorporating the tea manners. I’d like to experience “a feeling to enjoy tea,” so that even a little depth will come out in my daily life. I myself want to get rid of all the sorrowful world, everything we do not need, and I want to be able to dance with pure, beautiful, natural appearance and natural heart. Every year when entering this tea room I can calmly spend that year. Ms. Murota, everyone in the group, Ms. Kazumi Miura, thank you for giving such precious opportunities. Professor Murota, I pray all from my heart for your health and success.
Thank you again.